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Expensive marriage, i prefer to be flogged.

We reported earlier today of a suitor who died while taking whips for marriage rites in the north,  now someone has a little more to add to this in few words. please read below and have your say. (Expensive marriage, i prefer to be flogged.)

Last month, someone was complaining to me that he doesn’t like the fact that Igbo bride prices were very expensive. That he prefered being flogged like they do in some parts of the North. I jokingly told him he’d be flogged to death. “A ga-apiagbukwa gi”. I didn’t at the time imagine it was possible.

Amongst other things, bride prices are reflective of the value attached to a bride by her parents. If she has been wayward, unschooled and improperly trained, the bride price will tend to be low but if she’s of great behavior, industrious, well schooled and all, it’ll tend to be higher, ceteris paribus. There are other factors influencing.

Back to the topic, in a situation where money is not attached to bride price and you have to be flogged like they do up North, and like I just explained, the bride so happens to be highly valued by her parents, what do you think would happen?

Somewhere in Katsina, a prospective suitor just died during the flogging process, yup, a piagburu ya. No jokes. Someone has to explain the functions of that flogging process.

One positive thing about the Igbo expensive bride price thingy is that it motivates young boys to get that kudi any which way so they can live up to their responsibilities as potential fathers and husbands. Nothing should stand in between you and your goals.

That way, when your in-laws bill you, you fall out the billies effortlessly.

Some Igbo fathers go out of their way to return back the highly valued bride price, that they don’t need the money and only wanted to be sure their daughter and grandchildren will not be hungry.


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